Bugsy was a cute 8 pound ball of terror, until he met his match -Ben from East Coast Dog Trainers. Ben came in to observe his behavior and Bugsy was running all over the place out of control, jumping on all the furniture and best of all he would jump up and bite your butt constantly. Needless to say I had a problem. Ben looked at me and said we can fix all of it ... and then he went to work. He explained to me why Bugsy was exhibiting this type of behavior and how to correct it. After a week or two working with Ben, Bugsy is a different dog and is a pleasure to be with. Don’t get me wrong he is still a terror, but he is calm and doesn’t bite anymore, which was my major concern. The training was very professional and top notch. Thank you Ben for your help with training Bugsy. Mr. William Montaruli , Merrick NY
I cannot thank Ben enough for his outstanding knowledge on being a dog training expert! His passion for the love of dogs truly comes through in his training sessions! Ben is not only patient with the animals, but with humans as well! When it came time for getting my Jack Russel Vegas and my boyfriends German Shepard Lestat to get together I knew just who to call and I am so glad I called Ben! After weeks of individual training sessions with myself and Vegas, and Kevin and Lestat the time had come to bring them together! Of course it took a few sessions as a group for the boys to be comfortable and civil with one another. But the patience and faith we all had was well worth the time and effort! Ben had fantastic exercises with the boys that build their trust and friendship! Not only did our dogs get very well trained in social aspects and obedience, so did Kevin and I! I would highly recommend Ben and "Conga" (his German Shepard) for ALL of your dog training needs from small to big!! Ben is also great with accommodating scheduling! Thank you again for all of your help!! We are all forever grateful!! From one big happy family now, Christine, Vegas, Kevin and Lestat
My name is Noelle Belmonte. I am the owner of Two Borders Collies. I adopted both of them from shelters. I adopted my boy, Indy, at the age of 8 weeks, and I adopted my girl, Shelby, at the age of 6 months. Now if you know anything about border collies, they are extremely intelligent. But being so intelligent can make them very mischievous if not trained properly. On top of that, Shelby was very nervous and aggressive.

While at the dog park with a friend I started to express my concerns to her and told her I wanted to get a trainer for them. I had someone in mind but was not 100% sold on them. She then mentioned she had a friend Ben that was training dogs and thought he may be able to help. So, right then and there we called him. As soon I started talking about my dogs, he stopped me and asked me where I was. I told him what dog park and he told me he was coming. He needed to see my two because he thought he could help. He drove a half an hour just to see them for a little bit so he could determine how to go about training them. I was sold!!

The next week Ben was there with a comprehensive plan on how we were going to train them. I say "we", because that is what it is. He is helping train me to train them, so I could have that bond and the confidence to be the pack leader in the house. Within the weeks that Ben was there you could see Shelby becoming more confident, which made her less aggressive and more trusting of strangers. She really came out of her shell and became the dog I knew she could be, not just in front of us but in front of strangers. Indy started to become a "big boy". He was following commands and really showing his true colors.

Needless to say, Shelby is a much happier and well-adjusted dog than when she first came to my family. She is more loving now that she is not afraid of her own shadow. Indy, is well trained and listens to any and all commands given to him. He is the best companion and a great brother to Shelby.

All of this is due to Ben and his training. We would not be able to have the life we currently do without him. He has helped us create a family! Noelle, Mike, Shelby & Indy Belmonte